Moisture One

Instrument for the continuous measurement and correction of the humidity of cereals.

Moisture One is ideal for continuous moisture analysis and correction of durum and soft wheat.

Thanks to its particular conformation it does not require a constant flow of product and can also be installed in critical areas.

Moisture One is extremely precise also thanks to its sensor with microwave technology and sophisticated management software.

Available in carbon steel, painted with food-grade epoxy powders and in AISI 304 steel. Moisture One covers a wide range of capacities ranging from 1 to 25 t / h with incredible stability.

Moisture One works in perfect synchrony with the automatic water dosing panel.

All the electronics of Moisture One are of a commercial nature to make the customer independent in the supply of spare parts, moreover it is born with predisposition to the most common standard communications on a TCP basi.

Moisture One is Industry 4.0 Ready


Technical data


Max flow rate (S.W. 0,78kg/dm3) Height
15 T/H 1535 mm
30 T/H 1535 mm

Features & Advantages

Air compressed not required

Remote connection

Low maintenance costs

High precision and stability

TCP connection standard

Industry 4.0 ready

High quality industrial electronics

Possible fields of application

Mill industry

Where there is a need to modify the humidity of products in seeds


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